If you’re like most people, one of the most cluttered rooms in your house is your laundry room. That’s not surprising since it’s a space that guests rarely see, so tidiness tends to be neglected. Various laundry products quickly pile up, as well as dirty clothes and all the random things that somehow find their way there.

But never fear, we have some clever storage solutions that will allow you to maximize efficiency and minimize the mess. No matter how big or small your laundry space may be, we’ve got the tailored storage solution for you.

Innovative Storage Solutions for Your Laundry

  • Utilize Unused Washer/Dryer Space

    Whether your washer and dryer are side by side or stackable, you’ll always have a lot of unused space above or beside the units. Make good use of that space with attractive shelves and workspaces or laundry room cabinets and pantries to store all your wash products and implements.

  • Hideaway Cabinets & Shelving

    Stow bulky items like clothes hampers and ironing boards out of the way when not in use in folding and sliding closets and drawers that are custom-designed to fit your laundry space and needs.

  • Foldout Drying Racks

    Air-drying delicate clothing can take up a lot of space. Installing a drying rack that can be expanded out to hang items, then folded away against the wall when done, can be a handy and affordable solution.

  • Install Hooks

    Any open space in your laundry can be used to place hooks for clothes and other items including mops, brooms, dusters and dustpans. You’ll be surprised how quickly they fill up.

  • Micro Shelves

    All of that open area can also be used for small shelves that can be constructed to fit the space, even odd ones.

  • Corner Cabinets

    Specially designed cabinets, closets and shelving can take advantage of those underused corner spaces, and they look great too.

  • Use Baskets

    Wicker baskets are both decorative and useful in the laundry. Look for square baskets with finely woven mesh that are flexible, provide more space, and store more easily.

  • Use A Hanging Hamper

    Cloth laundry bags hung from the walls take up little space and allow you to separate colors and whites, and each family member’s laundry.

Contact Walters Cabinets for even more clever laundry room storage ideas, and let us turn your laundry room dream into reality.