Over the decades, we here at Walters Cabinets have witnessed the steady evolution of kitchens and cabinets to accommodate the changing needs of homeowners and their families. These days, kitchens have become much more than just places to cook and dine. They’ve become the centerpiece of the home, a space for the whole family to gather together to work, study and play.

Our custom kitchen cabinets can be designed with many useful features intended to maximize space and convenience when storing and organizing all the appliances, serving ware, lighting, entertainment options and digital devices to be found in the modern kitchen. Here are a few of the features most popular with our customers.

9 Innovative Custom Kitchen Cabinet Features

  • Walk-in pantries

    A perennial favorite because of their ability to expand storage space while keeping necessities near at hand. With careful design, they can be installed even in smaller kitchens.

  • Pet-friendly storage solutions

    Create a dedicated space for all your pet food and supplies, including a slide-out drawer for their bowls which can be hidden away when not in use.

  • Trash and recycling bin pullouts

    Trash cans and recycling bins are some of the biggest kitchen obstacles. Get them out of the way with a built-in storage solution.

  • Deep drawers

    What to do with those pots and pans that won’t fit under the oven or hang on the wall? Large deep drawers will keep them handy but safely stowed away.

  • On-counter appliance garage

    Keep all of your main appliances together and ready to be instantly put into use with an appliance garage. These can include a power strip to keep them plugged in and a roll-top door to cover them when not in use.

  • Digital device stations

    Phones, tablets, laptops and their charging ports can all have their own specialized storage spaces with custom kitchen cabinets, including built-in stands to keep them handy when consulting online recipes.

  • Coffee bar

    Create a custom brewing station with all the ingredients and accessories to make your favorite hot beverages.

  • Built-in utensil caddies

    Keep all your spoons, spatulas, tongs and thermometers safely organized in one place with a slide-away, multi-cup utensil caddy.

  • Vertical storage dividers

    Pans, cutting boards and large serving platters can be a problem to store neatly, but dedicated cabinets fitted with vertical dividers use minimal space and keep them conveniently organized.

Walters Cabinets is ready to help you design custom kitchen cabinets for your family’s unique needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.