Bourbon Overload

If you’re a fine spirits aficionado, no matter which rare liquors you serve, you really need a custom home whiskey bar to do them justice. Imagine a spacious addition to your basement or garage man cave, a discreet sidebar in your office, or a convenient and practical serving station in your kitchen or dining room.

Now’s your chance to express your own personal tastes by choosing bar designs, cabinets, tools and stools, countertops and backsplashes, and styles. Here are some home whiskey bar ideas to get you started.

Design Ideas For Your Home Whiskey Bar

  • The Classic Irish Bar

    Everyone loves the old country warmth and comfort of the traditional Irish pub. Think highly polished wood cabinets and bar fronts, brass foot rails, a smooth shiny countertop, a big mirror, well-cushioned stools, and numerous shelves and cubbyholes in a dimly lit and cigar smoke-filled atmosphere.

  • A Compact Bar Cabinet

    A great option if you want to have a less obtrusive and noticeable space to store your choice spirits along with all the accouterments to serve your guests drinks. Create a classy addition to any room with your choice of styles and woods, cabinet hardware, folding or sliding serving shelves, custom storage spaces, and lighting.

  • Ultra-Modern Deco Bar

    If sophisticated luxury is more to your taste, consider a custom-crafted wine and whiskey bar using an urban-inspired design featuring metal and glass serving areas, cabinets and hardware. Pair with durable synthetic countertops and backsplashes in neutral colors along with minimalist furniture and hidden built-in storage spaces and shelves.

  • Local Sports Bar

    A common choice for home whiskey bars because it’s familiar and popular. Comfort, practicality, and durability are the goal here, with heavy-duty wood cabinets and shelves, a utility area with a drop sink, a bar counter and backsplash that’s easy to clean and maintain, a custom space for a large-screen TV, and overstuffed rotating bar stools to complete the look and feel reminiscent of your favorite local pub.

  • Kentucky Honky Tonk

    There’s no better theme for a home bourbon bar than one inspired by the home of the best bourbons in the world. A perfect choice to complement a pool table and a jukebox full of country music.

No matter what you desire for your home whiskey bar, Walters Cabinets can make it happen. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate.