The new year is here, and with it comes new resolutions for home remodeling projects. These will, of course, require new cabinetry, so it’s a good idea to review the trending kitchen and bathroom cabinet styles. These include innovative modern storage solutions that increase functionality while maximizing space, along with bold colors and textures combined with classic and timeless elements.

Promoting sustainability through energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials will also be a priority for many homeowners. To help you in choosing the right custom cabinets, here’s a look at what’s hot for the new year.

Top Cabinetry Trends for 2024

  • Natural earth tones
    With the current interest in sustainable living and being environmentally-friendly, colors and materials that invoke nature are in demand. Consider darker tones of green and brown accented with sky blue walls and ceilings, along with natural hardwoods, rustic barn wood, and reed or cane cabinets.
  • Bold, vibrant colors
    For those looking to make a strong personal statement, don’t be afraid to go with bright, flashy colors with offbeat tones of blue and mauve vividly contrasted with raspberry and orange highlights. Quirky hardware designs or minimalist polished metal pulls can set it all off perfectly.
  • Retro color schemes
    With all the uncertaintly in the world lately, nostalgia and cozy warmth are making a comeback. Think cabinetry to soothe the soul. Browse through online photos of vintage kitchens and bathrooms to get ideas and inspiration for colors and hardware.
  • Herringbone patterns
    This versatile chevron or zigzag design can be used for a dramatic effect in backsplashes, tile floors and kitchen islands. It lends a very elegant and sophisticated aura to any space, and it works well with solid colors and modern designs.
  • Fluted detailing
    Fluting is the process of adding narrow channels or grooves as a decorative accent and can be used on wood, metal or glass. Depending on how it’s applied, it can convey a traditional look or an ultramodern one. It promises to be one of the hottest trends in cabinetry this year.
  • Smart storage solutions
    Homeowners are looking to maximize space and utility with efficient storage designs. Think walk-in pantries, corner cabinets, and customized cabinets with specialty pull-out drawers and shelves.

Whatever style of cabinets you’re looking for in 2024, Walters Cabinets can make it happen.  Schedule a free consultation today.